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Childbirth Education Classes - 10 weeks 

Instinctive birthing classes that move along the topics as you move along in pregnancy.

Guiding you with valuable and empowering information to support you with the knowledge to make you feel empowered to make the best decisions for you and your baby. 

The classes provide worksheets, how to write a successful birth plan God willing, video content to watch with your partner or support person and activities to help you grasp the content.

A self paced class in the connivence of your own home and time, classes are 10 weeks standard time frame or more / less time according to your own pace. 

A mom village included to connect you with mom’s from all over the world going through the same journey as you, to keep you on track and for support, guidance, and others members experience in the birth room. 

Available in different languages. 
English and Arabic

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