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Loquat Respiratory Syrup

With Slippery Elm and Wild Cherry Bark

Loquat leaves are traditionally used for respiratory health it’s used in teas and syrups to support a calm and clear chest and lungs, including wild cherry bark and other botanicals make this a supportive powerful, effective, and soothing respiratory tonic with Slippery elm to form a soothing coating over delicate membrane linings.

For respiratory health, vitamin C and zinc are recommended. Remain as active as possible because moving around helps to loosen built-up mucus and fluids. Wash your hands often.


 Proprietary Extract Blend: 15mlAmount Per Serving:15 ml

Loquat Leaf
Zhejiang Fritillary Bulb
Black Cherry Bark
Slippery Elm Bark
Platycodon Root
Trichosanthes Seed
Polygala Root
Poria Sclerotium
Schisandra Fruit
Chinese Licorice Root and Rhizome
Other Ingredients:
vegetable glycerin, honey, blackstrap molasses, peppermint oil, deionized water



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